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Wedding Trends to Watch in 2023

Wedding trends in 2023 are all about creating memorable moments and embracing unique elements. Couples are opting for midday ceremonies, providing guests with an opportunity to rest before a night of celebration. Wild welcome parties are gaining popularity for destination weddings, offering a chance to kick-start the festivities with immersive experiences. Dramatic ceilings are making a statement, with couples incorporating floral installations, lighting, and draping for a breathtaking ambiance.

Over-the-top wedding cakes and personalized cake toppers are making a comeback, allowing couples to showcase their style and create a sweet centerpiece. Statement aisles, such as S-shaped or serpentine designs, add elegance and a touch of creativity to the ceremony. Color is in full bloom, as couples embrace vibrant palettes through textiles, floral arrangements, and bridal fashion. Intimate ceremonies are becoming more popular, preserving the sanctity of the moment while saving grand displays of affection for the reception. Bridal style inspired by the timeless elegance of Grace Kelly is on the rise, with clean and classic wedding styles taking center stage. Tableside charcuterie boards continue to be a hit, featuring at cocktail hours and incorporated into the tablescapes. To surprise and delight guests, speakeasy-inspired after-parties are emerging, complete with hidden lounges and specialty bars for an authentic and memorable experience.

2023 is set to be a year of creativity, individuality, and unforgettable celebrations. Couples are embracing these trends to curate unique experiences that reflect their personal style and create cherished memories for a lifetime.

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